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Trade Name: Topneuter

Generic Name: Filgrastim (Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor, rHuG-CSF),

Brief Introduction:

1. National Medical Insurance, Category B.

2. Launched in 1999 and awarded as an excellent brand of biological and biochemical products in China's ChemPharm industry.

3. National standard bulk supplier of Filgrastim Participated in the development and collaborative calibration of Filgrastim national reference standards.

4. Participated in the collaborative calibration of Filgrastim reference standard organized by USP, WHO and other international organizations.


Neutropenia resulting from cancer chemotherapy. For details, please refer to Instructions.


75μg/vial, 100μg/vial, 150μg/vial, 200μg/vial, 300μg/vial, 480μg/vial

Product description download:Filgrastim.pdf

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